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Reply to "Best ball park food"

Originally posted by Squirreljam:
I've found in my travels that almost any of the new stadiums offer food way better than the old guard (BTW, D'V'D, those garlic fries are killer). My biggest problem is the linking of premium tix pricing to access to special eating areas - where you pay extra just to get into the concourse area to pay again for the special food.

Here on home turf in St Louis, our new stadium has some nice options, but man, they have perfected the art of emptying the wallet - baseball is no longer the cheap sport. Our field level seats are in the $45 range, then parking close is $10-20, and couple weeks ago, three dogs, one nachos, two large beers and two bottled waters came to the high $40s. So, when I take the kids using 4 tix, that would easily be a $300 baseball game if I weren't using work tickets. Kinda depressing when you think about the average joe taking the family to a game.

Same situation with Mariner Stadium here. They have ATM's all over (for good reason.) There's probably a loan counter, somewhere.
They also have an odd policy: you are allowed to bring in whatever foodstuffs you like to watch the game, but you cannot bring in any liquids, and they will search backpacks & purses for any offending pop or water bottles, ostensibly for "security reasons". They're more aggressive than even TSA on this.
So inside, my son asks to get a hotdog and a coke, and I give him a ten. When he comes back, I ask for my change. He says, "What change?" Roll Eyes
Can't comment on the new Seahawks stadium, as dropping a couple hundred bucks to sit in 40 degree rain for 3 hours (without a fishing rod in my hand) has never appealed to me.
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