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Reply to "Best 3-chord songs...."

Originally posted by Jabe11:
Quinn the Eskimo...I love singing this. How do you come up with this sh!t?
Way downtown, Doc Watson, throwing down the bluegrass
Volcano, can't remember all the lyrics
Johnny B Goode, Let it Rock, he's got a few, no?
La Bamba
Caress me down
Southbound or One way out, both to hard to sing and play though. <edit> Fun (read: good finger exercises) to play the main riff on these. Need to try One way out with the jam band, playing chords/vocals

2 chords...
Feelin Alright?
Aiko Aiko
Not Fade Away
What I got

I'm gonna go pull out a guitar. Thanks, PH!

Made it through most of these. Ending up working on trying to remember all the lyrics to The Weight. (4 chords) I can sing along to the cows come home, but for some reason when tasked with lead vocals, I blank on, like, three verses. Got to keep this one fresh, such a great song.

On another note, I was thinking of the song I play with the most chords...I figure it's I will off the White Album