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Reply to "Baking Bread"

Originally posted by Gentleman farmer:
The things I feel significant regardless of how bread is assembled and baked are the importance of exact measurements and storage/freshness of ingredients. There are plenty of niche flours available but I’ve always used King Arthur. I store them in large plastic pails in the pantry and keep yeast and gluten in the freezer.

Thanks for your input, GF. I have found that minor mods in measurements do indeed have a large effect.
The flour I used this time is Five Roses.
I believe I'll back way off on the salt content.
I also used brown sugar in lieu of white. I wouldn't think this makes much of a difference. I thought it would be healthier and better tasting.
I'm looking forward to trying it again.

Fut: Duly noted

Gman: Thanks for the over view. I doubt I overmanipulated it. However I may have rushed the contenting of the Focaccia while it was still in its' second rising. Once I rolled out the dough, it was still rising while I was adding the cheeses, arugala and herbs. I think this 'rushing' was my greatest error regarding the density.