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Reply to "Baking Bread"

Originally posted by KSC02:
I began baking bread this today, following a Jamie Oliver recipe for facaccia. Came out pretty good for a first crack, however I found just a bit too much salt I find (I'm sensitive to salt, but don't detect salt at all in most other breads). Also, just a touch dense. Not bad, but not as fluffy as I expected it to be.
Any obvious mistakes I've made, or advice/guidance to give?

Anyone bake their own bread as well?
I'd be curious in your recipes, whether it be white, whole wheat, grained, etc.. Even dessert breads.

Anyone? TIA

I found for dense bread it's two things

you overfolded or you didn't let it rest long enough.

that being said, I'm still an amateur and still trying to find my way wiht my idle hands =)