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Reply to "Baking Bread"

@mneeley490 posted:

Time to revive this thread.

While flour is scarce on the shelves around here during the Corona pandemic, yeast is practically non-existent. So I've pulled out my old sourdough recipes to make some fresh bread.  Mixed up some starter a week ago, and today I baked my first sourdough loaf in many years; 2/3 King Arthur bread flour, and 1/3 whole wheat.

Damn, mneeley... that loaf looks delicious!  

I've been baking a loaf or two every month for years.  The trick to baking bread is to bake bread.  Just get started. Take notes, be aware of temperatures (ingredients, dough, room and oven) and don't Bella Donna the original recipe.  Make it like the baker recommends the first time.  Baking is no different than cooking, it's just more intimidating because bakers are assholes...

For first time bakers who want an idiot-proof bread, try Cook's Illustrated's Almost No-Knead Bread.  You'll need a 6-8 quart Dutch Oven to do it right.  I brought a loaf to an offline with the local winos and it was pretty well received.  Excellent crust, great crumb and flavor.  I use leftover Corona beer from beach trips as the lager, fwiw...



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