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Reply to "August 2019 - What Are You Drnking?"

bomba503 posted:
azwiese posted:

Solid Thursday night dinner with another couple who had a 10 week old daughter. Reminded me how much more I love babies than my own pre-teens!

2014 Plumpjack Reserve Chardonnay 

2013 Force Majuere Viogner

2010 Bodegas LAN Gran Reserva

2015 Peay Syrah Les Titans


How was the Les Titans? Andy Peay was actually in town Wed night pouring the 16 with some others. Had to pass after the Krug over indulgence

Really liked it. It’s actually the second bottle I’ve had this month. Great mouthfeel, just soft and silky, with really nice dark red fruit. The savory aspect of the wine was subtle.  After knocking out two, I’m hoping to keep my last bottle a while and see how it develops.