Reply to "August 2019 - What Are You Drnking?"

Finally far enough out of the fog to get this out. Saturday with visiting forumites starting with beach time on Balboa Island, 9 holes at Ben Brown and dinner in private room at Il Barone. Wines included:

1975 Il Poggione Riserva BDM

2004 Valdicava Madonna Riserva BDM

2004 Valdicava BDM

2016 Macdonald Cabernet

1983 (?) Diamond Creek Volcanic Hill

2011 E Guigal La Doriane Condrieu

1994 (?) Fisher Cabernet Lamb Vineyard

1997 Opus One Magnum

2015 Carte Blanche Cabernet

2014 Rhys Chardonnay (not certain of vintage or vineyard)

1999 Monbosquet

1981 Dunn HM Cab

2009 Belle Epoque Rose

2009 Hanzell Chardonnay

A couple vintage grower champagnes I didnt catch name of

A killer Brunate I didnt get name of

2011 Chateau Guiraud Sauterne

California's finest

My stand outs were Madonna, Dunn, Diamond Creek, Macdonald and Opus in no particular order. Will edit if I can get some corrections