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Reply to "Att: bman (re/ NHL Playoffs)"

What Steve8 said! Big Grin

The reason I am a Bruins fan is a simple story I've told here before, but am happy to tell again -- my cousin played for the Bruins when they last won the Cup. In fact he was on the ice, alone in front of Glen Hall, when Bobby Orr scored his famous overtime goal that saw him flying through the air, hands and stick upraised, a look of pure joy on his face! One of the great sports photos in history, most copies of which include my cousin.

I grew up in Windsor (JHD - hence my other Detroit loyalties), so whenever the Bruins would play in Detroit, each player could get two free tickets behind the bench. And I got to sit in one them several times a year. This was the era before team benches were encased in plexiglass, so we could actually hear the players talk, since we were only a few feet away.

After each game, my cousin would go out for pizza with my parents and anyone else who came along with us. We'd wait to meet him outside the Bruins dressing room. whenever he came out he'd introduce us to whoever else was there, so I met Orr, Esposito, Bucyk, Derek Sanderson, Gerry Cheevers, all of those golden age Bruins.

All this of course made a lasting impression on a teenaged hockey fan, especially when they won the Cup (though of course they lost as often to the Hated Habs! Mad). But nevermind, it's why I remain a loyal Bruins fan today, notwithstanding another disappointment. C'est hockey! Smile

And BTW, I've purposely left out the name of my cousin - who can guess first? (not counting Tyee, who I think read a version of this story last year about this time!)

Bruins rule! (please!!!!)
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