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Reply to "Att: bman (re/ NHL Playoffs)"

Growing up...I caught the tail end of the original six (last few years). Hated Montreal, Toronto, and New York...cheered for Boston, Detroit, and Chicago. Then Bobby Orr arrived and I became mostly a Bruins fan.
Funny thing is, over the years of expansion(s) I really don't have a 'Favorite Team' any more.

Being a competitive coach, I am more of an observer rather than a fan just watching the game. I watch for the 'Game within the Game' so to speak...line match-ups, systems, etc. (though it is hard to observe systems watching on TV).

Tyee Predictions:

Red Wings over the Flames in 5 games.
Wings just have too much fire-power...Flames had to work too hard (physically) in a 7 game series vs the Canucks. Sutter's coaching and Kiprusoff may extend this series further...but the Red Wings will win.

Sharks over the Avs in 7 games.
Ron Wilson is just that much better of a Coach over Granato...goaltending will also be a key for both Teams.

Habs over the Lightning in 7 games.
Expectations...tradition...are in the Habs favour, other than that, you could toss a coin with these two teams.

Flyers over the Leafs in 6 games.
The goaltending battle could sink me on this prediction...Leafs line-up just may be too old to 'Bring It' two series in a row.

I offer sound advice.
That's 99% sound and 1% advice