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Reply to "Att: bman (re/ NHL Playoffs)"

Originally posted by baird6869:

I was -2 (as in not born!) years old the last time the Leafs won the cup. At least you have seen success in Montreal in recent memory as opposed to year after year of miserable failure.

Remember Harold Ballard??? The Corson for Kordic trade??? Peter Ing in net??? Need I go on???

Leaf fans have to be cocky... when we lose we can always make an excuse to explain our failure. We do this year after year and are very good at it!

E.g. If Toronto loses tonight I will blame it on Sundin and Nolan being out and the obvious fact that Francais and Molgilny are hiding injuries Wink Big Grin You can quote me on that!

Go Leafs Go!!!


I forget that Leafs can be a sensitive bunch (note that I didn't say whiny!)

There's nothing that would appeal to me more than a conference final matching the Habs vs. the Leafs.

BTW.. Kordic was traded for Russ Courtnall.