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Reply to "Art Enthusiast:"

Originally posted by Italian Wino:

$12 million in paintings, including works by Frank Stella and Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, have been stolen from a Queens storage facility.
(via NY Daily News)

William Pordy, a 62-year-old retired doctor and entrepreneur living in Manhattan, discovered on June 1st that 22 works of art were stolen from his Queens storage unit. Thieves had cut the lock on Pordy’s locker and cleared out its contents, leaving behind the cardboard boxes that once held the works and replacing the broken lock on their way out to evade detection. Examination of the facility’s records by police revealed that the theft occurred on December 30, 2016—two months after Pordy last reported visiting the unit. Investigators have compiled a list of the stolen works and are currently monitoring for attempts by the thieves to resell them.

If I had artwork like this I would be keeping it in a more secure environment. An unattended locker is nuts.


I"ve seen where Ken Thompson kept his excess art and while it is on a MUCH larger scale, it's also not a lot different, a full floor of an office building in base building condition (raw concrete, no ceiling etc.) with millions of dollars worth of paintings stacked against the walls...