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Reply to "Art Enthusiast:"

Originally posted by Jorgerunfast:
VinT, I just stumbled upon this.

Email me, jorge at artisanmg dot com

w+a's recommendations are solid.

If you can get into town on Saturday, March 8th, you'll be here for our monthly art walk "Second Saturdays". This isn't some cheesy fufu art show, it's a really fun party-style night out with a bunch of open galleries, displays, artists-in-action, etc. for blocks and blocks. Very cool night out, my wife and I try to make it every month.

More importantly, the PAMM just opened last December, and it's stunning. Not to mention, the restaurant in the museum, Verde, is fantastic (Stephen Starr restaurant). The museum is a must visit, IMO.

Shoot me a note with where you're staying, who you're traveling with (wife, kids, friends, etc), and what you're into. I'll give you some suggestions.

Sent. Thanks, Jorge!