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Reply to "Art Enthusiast:"

Originally posted by wine+art:
Originally posted by Rob_Sutherland:

If you could give me ANY painting in the world, "Corn Hill" and ESPECIALLY "The Lee Shore" would be in the top 4-6.

Ah, what a great potential question. Wink

Off the top of my head and in order:

1)Turner – The Fighting Temeraire
2)Pissarro – Montmatre - Morning, Grey Weather (Though I would take ANY of them)
3)Homer – Sponge Fishermen
4)Hopper – The Lee Shore
5)Pissarro – Avenue l’Opera - Morning Sunshine (Though I would take ANY of them)
6)Manet – Serving Girl
7)Hopper – Corn Hill
8)Sargent - Gassed
9)Homer – Banana Tree (Nassau)
10)Bingham – Fur Traders Descending the Missouri

Though you could of course add dozens. It's hard not to add Rousseau's Surprised!, something by Botero, a Heade Thunderstorm, Klee Vast or Highways & Byways, Rivera's The Flower Vendor, a Monet parliament etc.....