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Reply to "Art Enthusiast:"

Originally posted by The Old Man:
Weirdest art show ever?

The Complete Frida Show

San Diego is hosting an show for 3 months that will have every Frida Kahlo painting. Yes every--even those in museums, private hands and Madonna. How's that possible? Well all 123 are "authorized by Mexico" (whatever that means) reproductions painted by one man. In addition you can see over 500 (!) personal items of Kahlo--oh yeah they're also reproductions.

On article said the art works were, "...authentic, one-of-a-kind reproductions." Whatever that means.

Or is there perhaps some validity to the show as many masterpieces of great artists are in private hands? Madonna, for example, will not lend out any of her pieces.

Hmm, I guess if you wanted to see what her art looked like and get an idea how she lived, it might be useful. Definitely odd to see one of a kind reproductions....