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Originally posted by g-man:
Originally posted by Parcival:
Wine+art . . . to your point about new releases having the potential to be better than the original releases

I may be using words incorrectly, but here goes.

An Eisenstadt photo (Children at Puppet Theatre) was released in 1991. This photo was printed from the original negative and signed by Eisenstadt. I believe this piece was a silver-gelatin print. It's a beautiful piece at 20x24 and is auctioning in the $50,000 range. I recently purchased a "digital print" of the same photo being release in an edition size of 20 by TIME. The release size is 30x36 and the clarity of the actual photo is spectacular - better than the original release.

I suspect this re-release will never be worth as much as the "original" largely because it does not have Eisenstadt's signature. But, for purely aesthetic reasons (not to mention it's fraction of the "original's cost), I actually prefer this larger size / greater clarity print

i love it!

can you shoot me the link where you bought it

G-man . . . 3 options I have found.
1) Jackson Fine art ( wine+art referred me to Anna and she was a pleasure to work with. I ended up purchasing from her

2) Photographer's Gallery in LA (

3) Can't find the name here but there is a gallery specializing in photography down in Dallas. Apparently the oldest photography gallery in the state. Gentleman I spoke with was very nice but not as proactive as either Anna or Nicole. Given that, it's probably all the better that I can't find the name

Prices were identical at all galleries BTW

Rob Sutherland also referred me to a gallery in Ohio (Contessa Gallery: 216-382-7800). They have the original piece I was speaking of for $50,000. If you call them, I would ask for the person Rob referred me to - Steven. The woman I spoke with seemed a little indignant when I asked what the price was for the piece . . . very much communicated the idea that if I had to ask, I couldn't afford it (though, admittedly, she was right!)