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Reply to "Art Enthusiast:"

Originally posted by wine+art:
I'm heading to San Diego next month. Is the museum worthy of a visit?

The MCASD is really a mixed bag. First it's in three building--one in La Jolla and two across the street from each other downtown. The La Jolla is originally a house designed by the great Irving Gill. The original building is pretty much destroyed and the last remodeling by Robert Stern.

The downtown location, during your visit has a major show of San Diego and Tijuana artists. I think you'd like about 20% of the works.

There is also a nice Lisa Lou bead piece, have you ever seen her fun, but silly, beaded kitchen?

The La Jolla location will be installing some uninspiring work between Sept. 1 to 23.

There are of course a couple of interesting galleries in La Jolla.

I pretty much never visit the San Diego Museum of Art in Balboa Park.

Our most interesting place is up in my neck of the woods, The Lux Institute. It has a gallery space and a house. The gallery shows work by one artist and during the first month, they also live on site, will work on a piece. You can interact with the artist. Their work remains in place for another month after they leave.

Two of our favorites were Alison Saar, Betty’s daughter and an American who lives in Italy, Alan Feltus. During September is will be Matthew Cusick who appears to have had a showing in Dallas last year at the Reading Room.

Lastly I would be glad to take you, and anyone else, to see Salvation Mountain, but it’s a really haul taking a little more than 2 hours one way.