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Originally posted by champagneinhand1:
Hello everybody. I'm new to this thread. I just donated a C-top stationmaster's desk to the Union Pacific Transcontinental Museum in Ogden, Utah last year. It was my fathers and his grandfathers before it was his. The museum was thrilled to get it and they had it crated and shipped from Western NY. I just didn't know what to do with it. I was a museum brat, and dragged to many museums during my childhood through High School, but the later were voluntary.

I thank my mother, a big art fan, for taking me to see the King Tut exhibit in Los Angeles, same with the Aztec and May exhibits there. I spent many a day at the Getty, Norton-simon or Huntington museums and have great memories. We moved to the NYC metro area and I spent a couple of weeks over time in the Met, and occasionally went to the Guggenheim and the Whitney. We finally went back to California, but the Bay Area. My mom got her art History degree and was a docent at the Museum near Golden Gate park. I can't think of the name off the top of my head, but my art history teacher, who also taught at UC Santa Cruz, got us in an hour before the general public was allowed into the Impressionist show, which was really special. I went again the next day with my mother and it was standing room only.

Art is still a passion, as I have many museum quality reproductions in my great room, most are impressionist. I also love art of the renaissance, gothic, mezzo-american and so many others. I do love some modern and old colonial. Its good to see that art and wine has a home here. I usually am on CT forum and we have a few museum art directors on there.
Cheers, -Dave

Dave, welcome to the forums, and thanks for posting within this thread.

While I'm thinking our views on art are vastly different, I'm glad you posted and please do not be a stranger.