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Reply to "Art Enthusiast:"

Originally posted by wine+art:

Seaquam, I could have sworn I posted for your attention not to miss Musee d'Art Monderne on your current visit in one of the active threads related to you and S's Paris holiday. I must be slipping.

I'm excited you found this jewel, and even more to hear how much you enjoyed their works and the Haring exhibit.

My first visit was right after college, and I still recall seeing a Modigliani and Leger in person for the first time. If I recall correctly, the museum was only about 20 years old on my first visit.

I could not do it justice in just a few sentences; the building itself is lovely, its interior being quite different from what its rear facade would suggest. And the Haring exhibit alone had to be over 200 pieces, spread through numerous rooms, some huge. I didn't know that he had also done some interesting sculpture.

The Raoul Dufy piece, La Fée Electricité ( The Electricity Fairy) is the biggest piece I have ever seen other than murals on the outsides of large buildings; it was profound, awe-inspiring, very exciting.

We also spent about 20 minutes watching only a portion-- I'm not sure this actually ever comes to an end-- of a fascinating, bizarre film about a chap who's looking for an existing dinosaur in central Africa, The Mokele-Mbembe Hypothesis. Anyone who's interested can learn a bit about it right HERE.

I could have spent a couple of days here, and will certainly be back. We had originally also intended today to visit the Marc Chagall exhibit currently at the Luxembourg Gardens, but skipped that entirely in favour of remaining at the Moderne. It was a Wow! experience for me; I'm not certain how many times I used the word "fantastic" earlier today, but it was definitely an excessive number.