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Reply to "Art Enthusiast:"

Originally posted by wine+art:

DO NOT trust your own instincts, they will often be wrong early in your journey. You here people say, I do not know much about art ( wine) but I know what I like. SO WHAT? Yes, everyone has an opinion, but that has NOTHING to do with what is right, good, or seminal. It is just a poor uninformed and uneducated opinion which is completely meaningless.

Fun topic!

Against my better judgement, I'll bite Wink

As you say, anyone can have an opinion, but what makes one's opinion superior to another's? More books read? Making more money at criticizing art? More vehement criticism? Someone, who is well-informed, writing that a piece of art is 'good,' does not make the peice 'good.' I agree, however, that the better informed you are, you can develop perhaps a more nuanced or sophisticated approach to what you look for and what you enjoy. Also, to know under what circumstances and what context a piece was created might also allow a better understanding. I try to not be critical of works of art...there is nearly always some purpose, even if the artist may not know expressily what it is...who am i to lambast thier vision? Does it appeal to me is another matter.

What purpose do i have in enjoying art, if any? (um..I'll get back to you on that Razz )
Do i need philisophical questions asked or answered? Does the lack of either constitute a lack of enjoyment, or that i am not 'properly' observing a piece?

Am I searching the artist soul contemplating a piece, or merely his bank account? Or maybe, can one simply enjoy a moment of contemplation not caring either way?

ThistlingTom, I would most certainly recommend you follow your instincts. There are a number of good dvds in existence about the impressionists...maybe your local library has one or two? For me, I love Sister Wendy...I saw Manet's Evening at the Folies-Bergerea couple of years ago, and her words were circling in my head, with a big smile on my face. 2 Cents