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Reply to "Art Enthusiast:"

Originally posted by ThistlinTom:
If I wanted to know more about modern art, what would be the best resource? I have started going through a "course" from i-Tunes U about modern art and it is intriguing. It starts with realism and impressionism.

TT, a BIG question to answer. We should enjoy a bottle of wine and discuss art sometime soon.

Pre-Modern, Modern, Post Modern, NY School, Pop, Contemporary all have different goals, objectives, influences and current status and significance in today's art world.

Modern, think 1906 - 1956 in terms of seminal influence. I find it mandatory to read and understand the question why before you will truly love modern art.

Always remember, art is a language, a form of communication that you often are not familiar with, and you may or may not understand, regardless. Any emotional reaction to said art, regardless if you like or dislike, understand or confused is a successful piece.

Read, read, read, then view, view, view. I will write more, but must run.

DO NOT trust your own instincts, they will often be wrong early in your journey. You here people say, I do not know much about art ( wine) but I know what I like. SO WHAT? Yes, everyone has an opinion, but that has NOTHING to do with what is right, good, or seminal. It is just a poor uninformed and uneducated opinion which is completely meaningless.

Fun topic!