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Reply to "Art Enthusiast:"

Originally posted by Jabe11:
Interesting to read about the Gagosian/Hirst split. I think Damian has the last laugh, and laughing all the way to teh bank.

I'm confident both Larry and Damien made many many trips to the bank.

It is very complicated due to Hirst going around Larry and all galleries in 2009 with his Sotheby's direct sale. ( Larry bought heavy) Damien's work has dropped 50% since 2008, and Larry knows this with 1 out of 3 pieces not currently selling.

Larry is the most powerful art broker in the world with great ease, has more space than the Tate Modern and still sells over $1 billion annually. The focus now is postwar and Warhol, Kline, Rothko, Bacon, Lichtenstein, Basquiat et al. are dominating with no peers.

Larry tried moving Damien back to the front with his spot paintings in all 11 of his galleries around the world, but the market has moved.

Damien is worth $500 million, and Larry twice that, so no real losers here.... just ego. Wink