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Reply to "Art Enthusiast:"

Raffaello verso Picasso...Verso meaning towards, rather than against. A good sized temporary exhibit in the italian style. That is, no real rhyme or reason; a group of paintings with no particular theme (a large number of renaissance religious works and portrait, however), presented in strict chronological, order spanning centuries. While our three year old was struggling thorugh her nap time, I did, as of all the exhibits and museums we visit that provide them, buy a comprehensive guide. I love 'em in our shelves, flip through different ones often; they serve as a mnemonic for peices making impressions and others, due to the overload, that can make additional ones on quiter and more thorough observation. A couple of observations...
Many of the works were on loan from American museums, with perhaps 25 from the Boston museum of fine art.
The sole Velasquez a full portrait of his king, in yellow with a scarlet sash. Confident strokes, observant and expressive; from sarasota.
The caravaggio and raffaello portraits dissappointing.
A few pair of double potraits by Hals, Rembrandt and Copley
The Picassos were a cubist portrait of a woman, from Boston and L'Italiana from Zurich

Highlighs for me included: Cezanne and Van Gogh self portraits; Virgin with Child with an infant San John the baptist by Guerncino; a Manet Monk at Prayer shown vis-a-vis with an el greco of a similar theme, the Velasquez, Gainsborough's Mrs. Edmund Morton Pleydell; A Giorgione, only in the fact that i truly admire this elusive italian master with sucha small surviving body of work; Homer, boys on a prairie. And after looking at the guide some more, I'm sorry i did not spend more time observing Andre Derain's Portrait of Etienne Terrus.

As a celebration of the completion of the renovation of the Palladian Basilica, I was hoping for some sort of tribute to the bulding and architect....perhaps some origial plans, maybe a painting featuring the building, but there was none.