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jabe11 posted:
Been trying to see a bit of the country for the last weeks we are here. A couple of highlights for us...

Our hotel we stayed in last weekend, Wotton House. The property has a history that includes it in the Doomsday Book. The Surrey Hills, under sunshine, are perhaps the most scenic area I have seen in England.

More of a 'for in the Archaeological file,' was Stonehenge. We expected a bit of 'Another Roadside Attraction,' but forsook the transfer bus and hoofed the mile or so from the visitors center.. with sunny skies and a moderate breeze; through green fields, a small copse with bluebells and other blooming wild flowers, to emerge to a view of gentle sloping fields of a billion buttercups, with the Stones as a back drop. The drive from there to Salisbury, through intense verdure fields, punctuated by last gasp flowering rapeseed fields, is one I will not soon forget.

Salisbury has a Cathedral, of course. It was a lot to take in for a day out...I just kicked back on the grass with my son while wifey shopped.

Inspired to share these memories by a visit today to Anglesey Abbey. these google image pix do not do the place justice. A garden splendor, 114 acres, early/mid 20th century..i cannot describe it better than the guide..."a series of compartments of varying size, each surrounded either by immaculate trimmed hedges or informal tapestries of trees and shrubs, carefully linked by shaded pathways...,etc, etc.' Water features, a mill <<peace and calming>>. In-between spring bloom and early summer bloom, but there were about 200 shades of green. It was beautiful, and, I doubt, has any equal anywhere in my homeland.

Sorry for rambling...thanks for reading this.



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