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Reply to "April 2021 - what wine are you drinking?"

First offline in a while last night - with DoubleD, Greenwine and other vaccinated members of our Jersey Crew- Italian food of course.  Sausage and Broccoli Rabe.  Grilled octopus. Homemade pasta bolognese. Casarece-pasta w/ lamb ragu. Dry aged ribeye with punch potatos.  Grilled bone marrow w/ sea salt and umi. Homemade cheesecake and gelato.

2016 Kistler Laguna Ridge Chardonnay-magnum ( I think it only comes that way)

2014 Henri Germain Mersault Chevalieres

2005 Jean Marc Pillot Chassagne Montrachet Les Vergers

1990 Col D'Orcia Poggio Al Vento Riserva BdM

1995 Casanova di Neri Tenuta Nuova BdM

2009 Damilano Barolo Riserva

2012 Allegrini La Poja Igt

2016 The Third Twin

1999 Ridge Monte Bello

1990 Leoville Las Cases

SQN Mr K the Nobleman- ? year

Feels good to get back some sense of normalcy. The only thing missing was a couch for DoubleD to take a nap on.

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