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Reply to "April 2020 - What Are You Eating for Dinner"

@purplehaze posted:

Oh!  And regarding Cincinnati Chili, as people with a connection to the DC area, you all may remember the Hard Times Cafe.  

The original location was in a minuscule shopping center next to my old neighborhood in Rockville, MD.  A 10 minute joint smoking walk from my front door.  This shopping center had room for 3-4 stores, max.  They were the first restaurant to offer Cincy Chili in the DC area. They never really got it right, and I haven't had their chili in a couple of decades.  Amazingly, they're still there.

They do make a ridiculously great cheeseburger. Top 10 in my experience.  The fries are also first rate.  Try 'em next time you're in the area.  And try a small bowl of their Cincy Chili.  It's actually pretty good, if a little bit too cinnamony.  

Where they go wrong is in the pasta and other ingredients.  Never had smellier chopped onions in my life.  


I went to the one in Alexandria once.  Our best friends here are from Cincy and they do Cincy Chili and a 3 way on their menu.  It is divine and what inspired ours the other night.

Anyway last night we repurposed the pita Stef made and had grilled chicken in pita sandwiches with tahini, onions, pickled carrots and baked sweet potato fries.

Grilled chicken tacos today