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Reply to "April 2020 - What are you drinking?"

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2012 Scarecrow

2015 Phelps Insignia

Both decanted 24 hours with my friend on his 60th birthday tonight. Both great and needed the 24 hours. First night out in a couple weeks and wasn't going to let the situation take away enjoying some great wine together. Of course, proper precautions taken 

Sitting outside at least six feet apart? No way I'm letting anyone into my house right now. Even my daughter stays outside.

That’s assuming anyone, including your daughter would even want to come over. 

I laughed. I actually do have people who put up with me, but not a lot. However I am friends with all my old girlfriends including my high-school girlfriend, my second high school girlfriend, my college girlfriend, two in between girlfriends, the girlfriend who I was with right before the woman I married, and my ex-wife. And all of them are friends with each other.