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Reply to "April 2020 - What are you drinking?"

Last two weeks:

2012 Antica Terra Aurata Chardonnay

2016 Two Wolves Cabernet Sauvignon

2014 Robert Mondavi I Block Fume Blanc

2012 No Girls Syrah

2011 SQN The Moment

2005 Chateau Rayas Reserve

2017 Elizabeth Spencer Rose of Pinot Noir

2015 Louis Michel & Fils Montmain Chablis Premier Cru

2012 Slantwalk Malbec Riserva

2004 Clos Des Papes CdP

1984 Chateau Lafite

2000 Castello Banfi Brunello 

The Antica Terra or SQN the Moment were the best of the White wines, while the Rayas was clearly the best red.  Unfortunately the Lafite was DOA, I don't remember where I sourced it so not sure how it was stored.  

Looking over the list I'm realizing I need to open some bubbles.  

Since the kids don't have to be up early for school, and it's quiet around the office, we seem to be enjoying our cellar much more than we normally do.  Silver lining I suppose.