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Reply to "Any whisky (or whiskey) enthusiasts out there?"

Originally posted by Thomas Matthews:

Welcome to the M. Shanken family, and to the Forums. You may find a bit of tough love here, but for the most part, people are passionate and hospitable.

My first visit to Scotland was in 1988, one of my first work excursions for Wine Spectator. I'll never forget stopping into a pub on Islay, and noticing that the ice cubes in a bucket were all slightly brown. "Peaty water," noted the barman. No wonder the whiskey tastes the way it does. The fellow who showed us around Laphroaig said, "A few customers send it back every year because they think something's gone off. That tell us we're still on the right track."

Stay on the track, and keep the information coming.


Thomas Matthews
Executive editor
Wine Spectator

Thomas Matthews


Thank you for the warm welcome. I am used to tough love, from the passionate whisky enthusiasts on my blog.

I have a peaty water story for everyone. I first took my wife to Scotland in 1991. We spent a VERY long, cold day on the Isle of Skye (including a trip to Talisker), and we end up staying at an old hunting lodge for the evening. They, of course, had no shower, just a bathtub.

Amy wanted a hot bath, so I started filling up the bathtub. After four inches deep of water, it was so brown from peat, you coudn't see the bottom of the tub! She refused to take a bath in it!!