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Reply to "Any whisky (or whiskey) enthusiasts out there?"

Originally posted by Dave Tong BBP:
Huge cellartracker fan that I am, I find it hard to recommend for tracking spirits
The main reason being that it's been explicitly designed with wine in mind, and as a result you have to make a lot of adjustments. It's like drinking burgundy from a sherry glass - you can, but it's hardly optimal.

In addition, the data isn't policed anything like as well as the wine data. For example, here are all the entries for "Macallan". There's only one Macallan distillery, it's in Speyside at Easter Elchies House, Craigellachie, Banffshire.

So the country is UK, the region is Scotland and the appellation is Speyside. How many do you think are correctly annotated?

Welcome, John. I only have about 50 or so myself, not counting miniatures. Look forward to your posts.

Only 50!! I bet that's more than 98% of people on these Boards. I have 3 Frown