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Greetings all! Just wanted to check in here and see if anybody had any experience with setting up a regularly meeting wine group.

What I envision: A group of people (4-8) who meet once a month or so, to open up good/very-good bottles of wine, with other people who would appreciate this type of thing. Probably revolve around a monthly grape-varietal theme, with established ground rules (bottles should be in the $25-50 range, and maybe have one person in the group each month bring something really special). Get togethers could be at peoples houses, restaurants (probably not super fine-dining...gonna try to keep it inclusive and relatively affordable), etc.

My problem is that my partner does not enjoy/appreciate wine like I do. In the past I've worked in fine-dining restaurants with like-minded folks, and have never lacked for good people to drink good wine with. But here I stand continuing to build a nice wine collection, with few people around me that I would want to open most of my bottles with.

If anybody out there has any experience with such a setup, or has any advice on how to maintain some sort of editorial control over who's invited in (gonna try to keep snooty d-bags out!), I'd love to hear it. Thanks in advance!

I have done a few of these, 23 to be exact.

My wife does not drink, so our group meets in a restaurant. We have had a few regular places, and our current home now is at North Square in NY.

Send out feelers to all you know and set up an email chain when you have the list. If its the same night like a 'First Thursday Group', let them know and or get their input first. Take control early, set standards, and a base of friendly rules and run with it. You will have success if you stay impassioned and focused. I print booklets and have a place setting for peoples glasses and notes. I could send you copies of this if you like. All the cohesiveness will result in a great turnout.
Email me if you need, and check my blog for past dinners.