Reply to "Any advice on organizing a local wine group?"

If anybody out there has any experience with such a setup, or has any advice on how to maintain some sort of editorial control over who's invited in (gonna try to keep snooty d-bags out!), I'd love to hear it. Thanks in advance!

Plenty of folks around here that have setup wine groups or regularly participate in wine groups. It sounds like you already have a pretty good plan in place. What else would you like to know?

Here's a few tidbits off the top of my head:

1. You take charge. One riot, one ranger. Set the date and theme every month with whatever input your group members give you from the previous month. Be prepared to make unilateral decisions as needed.
2. Collect email addresses of those in the group and handle everything that way. Trying to coordinate over the Internet is a royal pain in the butt.
3. If you want 4-8 per month to participate as you indicated be sure and collect 8-16 members. Some months you'll have 4, others all 16 will show. It's the nature of the beast.
4. Hold it every month like clockwork. Doesn't matter that there is only 4 this month. Roll with it. Next month it'll be 8. Trust me. There's always next month.
5. Keep it fresh. Change themes always. Get creative. Remember you don't have to do a varietal theme every month. Sometimes it's nice just to get together and somebody brings a Champagne, somebody a Chardonnay, etc...
6. Do it sometimes in a member home, sometimes in a restaurant. Sometimes on the weekend, sometime during the week. Sometimes blind, sometimes not.