Reply to "aged zin"

rbon444 - the temperature in the wine chamber is usually about 59°f in the winter and 62°f in the summer. it’s a passive setup.

christopher curnutt - the difference, to me, between the apogee of burgundy that of zinfandel is signifigant. i like zin, but they often don’t have the balance that burgundy does.

acaronianasa - “improved” requires a value judge which i have no problem making, but you or others may not agree. some of the zins improved. the williams & selyem zins seem to need time to resolve the wood. others got better, too.

i’m thinking that the storage conditions are working pretty well and i don’t have to worry about putting off drinking the 1990 beauséjour-duffau until 2015. how much of a difference it has made with the zins, i don’t know.

tastewine2 - i found the box with a couple of bottles of ‘90 topolos rossi ranch zin and opened one last night. i remember tasting this wine on release, probably in ‘92, and thinking the nose reminded me of lacquer. it didn’t taste bad, just odd. i think i opened another bottle a few years ago and decided it needed more time. it seems that almost 12 years of age has improved the rossi ranch; the color was as bright purple as a 2 year old. the lacquer nose, that i recalled, had evolved into an intense eucalyptus flavor that overwhelmed everything else. it was not bad.

i wouldn’t recommend topolos zin to most people, but i would recommend the alicante (probably best fairly young), based on my memory of it years ago.

i don’t remember buying any zin since i bought the ‘97 ravenswood teldeschi zin and i only bought that because i made a barrel of wine from the same vineyard that year.

gmtinJapan - soon, i’ll be opening some swan zins; i have loved rod’s wine in the past. joe was before my time, but i know of his place in zin history.

board-o - ok. i tend to agree on some aspects, but might like to hear the details of your tests; namely, which wines. “no exceptions”, seems a little rigid. in robert parker’s 1987 wine buyer’s guide, he says that the ‘70 jimsomare zin
“is still not fully mature”. i don’t intend to seem like a zin advocate, i don’t buy it any more.