Reply to "'95 Clerc Milon -- Going Somewhere?"

well I can think of three good reasons.....

First I buy Clerc Milon and d'Armailhac for just such testing. I prefer to check in on those wines rather than my Cos d'Estournel, Mouton or Lafite. Better to do your testing cheap.

I read critics, but I don't really 'trust' them. It's better to have your own opinions, own experiences and own judgements. I hate sheep.

Second was I've had this thread in mind for a year and a half or so. I have never met Pelochain, but I've heard fantastic things about him from two gentlemen I respect a great deal who have; Otisabdul and Gusbo. His comment seemed odd to me, not what I would expect from a 95. But rather than questioning that without experience I figured I'd wait until I had a chance to comment from an educated and experienced point of view.

We should all do more of that. There is an unbelievable amount of uniformed bickering that goes on here. People questioning other peoples notes and motives, without their own notes to back it up. Before questioning Pelochain's note, I felt I owed it to him as a gentleman to speak from my own experience.

Finally, we entertained very good friends on Sunday night. They had just had the 2000 Clerc Milon at a tasting and were very excited about it. The first Clerc they had ever had. I thought it a wonderful chance to share a similiar wine - 5 years older - too help them on their way of learning and loving wine.

And that's the real reason. Wine should be about the moment, the event, the friends, the learning, the food and the friendship. I'm often bothered here that we put wine in the front seat when it should be coming along for the ride. Wine is a part of life, not the driving factor. Relax, enjoy it, it's just wine. Focus on your friends, your guests, and your family and let the wine follow along.

(PS Geo t. that wasn't really directed at you, just stuff I've wanted to say and this was the right time and right thread Wink )

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