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Reply to "2020-2021 European Football"

My predictions

1) Manchester City

2) Liverpool

3) Chelsea

4) Arsenal

I think ManUre are going to have defensive problems as well as in goal so I'm picking Arsenal ahead of them. I'm assuming of course they will sign Aubameyang and make him a happy player.

I do not think Liverpool will repeat their performances of the first half of last season and they lost some momentum in the latter stages. Agree that City hasn't done much to reinforce their back line but the window is still open and I will not be surprised if they end up paying the asking price for Koulibaly.

I'm now of the opinion that Chelsea should wait on the goalkeeper front. The options in this window do not look great. Give Kepa another chance as he is still young. Come January there may be more keepers available.

I'm finding the relegation picks to be more difficult but I'm going to go with West Brom, Brighton and Burnley. The latter is probably a surprise to some but they've let several players leave and only brought in a keeper who will not displace Pope. Furthermore they're very likely to lose Tarkowski who is the anchor to the defence and since they have little offence, the team. 

First manager to get sacked...Sean Dyche, but he won't be unemployed for long.