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Reply to "2020-2021 European Football"

Well, the season kicks off tomorrow, so it's prediction time:

Top 4:

  1. Liverpool
  2. Man City
  3. Chelsea
  4. Man Utd



18. Brighton

19. Fulham

20. West Brom

I've been going back and forth on the top two, since Liverpool cakewalked to the title after the restart, I'm not sure if they'll be able to keep up the pace of the previous three seasons (CL final, CL winners, league winners). That said, they had a little more time off than City and played fewer games after their early exit against Atletico Madrid. 

Pep will have City pushing to regain their crown, but I still think they're suspect at the back and that may dent their chances once again. Ake as their main defensive signing seems more like a backup for Laporte instead of someone to play with, as they are both left-footed.

Chelsea busted open the piggy bank after the transfer ban and brought in a lot of big players. Will be interesting to see how everyone settles. Thiago Silva on a free will help organize the defence, but he's 35 now and isn't a long term solution. The keeper situation is a mess, as Lampard obviously doesn't trust Kepa, and the attempts to sign Mendy from Marseille haven't been fruitful as of yet. They'll continue to leak goals from set pieces until it's sorted.

United also need to sort out their keeper situation, as De Gea had a really suspect season, and there's no way Henderson came back from Sheffield to sit on the bench. They also need a dominating centre back, defensive midfielder, and a true number 9. Martial is not that, and regardless of how well Greenwood played after the restart, he's still young.

I think West Brom and Fulham will really struggle and drop straight back down. Potter has Brighton playing more fluid football, but I don't see where the goals are coming from.

Leeds back in the big time for the first time in many, many years. Plenty of huge rivalries reignited and it will be interesting to see how Bielsa operates. The other Prem teams better put extra padlocks and tall barriers around their training facilities to protect against prying (binocular) eyes!