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Reply to "2019 September Dining"

Rothko posted:
purplehaze posted:

What the hell is "fish dip" ??  If it's really a thing, it needs another name!


Do you seriously not know what fish dip is?  Maybe it's a Florida thing.  I thought it was more ubiquitous.  

Down here, the kingfish that run in the winter are excellent for smoking and making into dip.  I'm pretty sure there are dips made from other fish, such as trout.   You can find fish dip at almost any seafood store or shop.

Also often made with mahi, occasionally grouper.  Smoked,  Calypso near my office, in Lauderdale has my favorite - its with mahi.  Less mayo than many - served with jalapenos.  

Some good options in Key West, but nothing as good as there.  OF course, home smoked fish turned into dip is even better.