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Ha ha, ManUre lose again. Solskjaer is in big trouble. Had Watford not been so hasty in sacking Gracia I would be in excellent shape to get the first sacked manager prediction correct. Tomorrow morning? Pochettino might not be far behind the exit. Shocking loss to Bayern in the CL and equally so against Brighton.

Even thought the season is young, it might be very difficult for anyone to catch Liverpool and honestly, nobody looks even close to being as good they are playing right now (in the EPL).

In Serie A today, Conte v Sarri. The former seems to be doing a good job at Inter.

Can't believe that ManU is a few points away from relegation Zone.   Need new coach and possible some good players.  Get Bale in from Madrid

That's an absolutely terrible idea. If Woody brings in Bale, that will just continue the terrible track record of signings in recent years for exorbitant fees and even more ridiculous salaries. They sent Sanchez to Inter on loan, but are still on the hook for over half his salary (more than 400K/week, I believe). To then bring an injury-prone Bale to Old Trafford on a crazy fee of surely 100m+ and to also pay his 400K+ weekly pay packet makes no sense. Let Bale rot in Madrid. He's more than happy to spend his time at the golf course when not getting into matchday squads anyway. Real wanted to sell him in the summer after Zidane stated he wasn't in his plans, but how can they move him without Bale agreeing to a pay cut? Not a surprise that he's still at the Bernabeu. 

Ole isn't the only problem at the club. The root cause is the rot of everything that happened even before Fergie left. The focus has been on corporate revenue and turnover, not necessarily on the product on the field. Woody isn't a football person. He's an accountant. Until someone is brought in on the football side and has a budget as well as autonomy to make transfer decisions (with the input of the coach), the situation won't improve. Rumours were that Van der Sar was approached about a Director of Football position, but he's declined because he wouldn't have the power to make decisions.

Let's be perfectly honest here - what's a new manager going to do with the existing lot? Furthermore, what manager is going to want to take the job? There are rumours of Allegri coming in, should there be a vacancy, but he's not going to wave a magic wand and all of a sudden turn them into a top-four side, let alone title contenders.

And this talk of Poch going to United is ridiculous too. Regardless of the fact that Spurs are being as Spursy as they've been in years and are really up against it with Lloris' elbow injury keeping him out until at least the new year, Poch would be crazy to go to United.

First off, Levy probably won't fire him. Levy being Levy, he'll wait until the close season to have Real fire Zidane and then accept some stupid amount to release Poch from his contract. Secondly, why take a step down?

United need to get rid of Woody and completely revamp the decision-making process at the club. They need another 3-4 transfer windows to continue clearing out dead wood, and another 700m+ in transfer fees to *strategically* bring in players to build a new squad. Oh, and have fun doing that when turnover is going to decrease this year from things like their shirt sponsorship deal losing 25% of its value for being out of the top four for four consecutive years. I wouldn't be surprised to see other performance-related clauses in these sponsorship contracts.

Hell, at this rate, United will be lucky to not get relegated - that's about all I agree with in your post!