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steve8 posted:

Ha ha, ManUre lose again. Solskjaer is in big trouble. Had Watford not been so hasty in sacking Gracia I would be in excellent shape to get the first sacked manager prediction correct. Tomorrow morning? Pochettino might not be far behind the exit. Shocking loss to Bayern in the CL and equally so against Brighton.

Even thought the season is young, it might be very difficult for anyone to catch Liverpool and honestly, nobody looks even close to being as good they are playing right now (in the EPL).

In Serie A today, Conte v Sarri. The former seems to be doing a good job at Inter.

Where to start, where to start ...

With Juve, obviously.

I was very disappointed that they threw away the game to Atletico by conceding a stoppage-time goal. An away win would have been a great start to the campaign. An easy win last week leaves them in good stead to qualify for the round of 16.

Their win against Inter in the Derby d'Italia was good and showed the guile of an experienced team. That said, I am a bit concerned about the lack of pace, especially at the back, to defend against teams like Inter. If there was a little more experience on that front, it may have caused more problems. This may pose a problem yet again in later stages of UCL.

Liverpool were lucky to pull out three points against Leicester. They aren't firing on all cylinders yet, but they've still got maximum points this season. What was more disconcerting is that the title race may already be finished and it's only October. Nuno had a great plan to handle City's deficiencies at the back, especially after only having a couple days off after their Europa League fixture. Wolves were full value for the points, and Pep must be ruing not bringing in central defenders in the close season. I know they balked at the Maguire fees, but they needed to do something, as Otamendi and Stones are failed experiments (and expensive ones at that).