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Reply to "2019-2020 European Football (Soccer) Season"

ManUre continue to be the biggest spenders in the EPL. The only positive aspect of that is most of their purchases turn out to be very poor value for the money and the Maguire deal should continue that tradition. In fact that deal makes the Wan-Bissaka look like a screaming deal, which it wasn't.

As for the new season, I don't see any reasons why the top 2 from last season won't be there again, but I think it will be reversed. City's defensive backs are more of a question mark for me. Of course they could spend their way out of that problem although they showed restraint in the bidding for Maguire.

It's very hard to predict what Chelsea will look like this season, other than younger, which is good afaic. The hole Hazard has left is a big one and I doubt Pulisic will fill it so soon, if ever. Their defense is also a big question mark. Christensen and Zouma are going to have to be solid. I do like what I'm reading about the attitude at the club and that counts.

Attitude is something Spurs don't have unless you're talking bad. Out of the top 4 this year. Unfortunately that opens the door for either United or Arsenal. As Fut said, the latter have unaddressed defensive holes, yet they keep signing forwards and big money ones at that. I'd much rather see a dark horse finish above both of them. Leicester City? Everton? They should both be pretty good this year.

1) Liverpool

2) Manchester City

3) Chelsea

4) Arsenal

Relegation is the future for Sheffield United, Brighton and Norwich City.

First manager to get sacked. So much hate for Steve Bruce. I'm going with Solskjaer.