2018-2019 European Football (Soccer) Season

This thread could well end up being me posting to myself, but I'll give it a try.

Start out with comments on Chelsea. I have no idea how strong they will be this year. Not much activity on the transfer front so far and only 5 days left. I suspect Courtois will be gone and the fact the club picked up Rob Green indicates they think the same, although he wouldn't likely be their number 1. Hopefully Hazard and Willian both stay. I haven't seen Jorginho play very often but he sounds like the kind of player who could send Fabregas packing. Or more likely Drinkwater.

I see no reason why Manchester City shouldn't repeat as Premier League champs. Liverpool should be strong and Spurs will end up third. The fourth spot? Could be Arsenal.

If I'm right about the above Mourinho will be looking for a new job again.

Relegation. I think Wolves and Fulham will be strong enough, unlike the other promoted team along with 2 of the teams who barely survived last season.



Huddersfield Town

Community Shield tomorrow. Hopefully City doesn't embarrass us too badly.


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