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Reply to "2014 Long Shadows Pirouette"

@sunnylea57 posted:

Long Shadows has an interesting model with guest winemakers making each of their wines:

Feather: Randy Dunn
Sequel: John Duval (Penfolds)
Pedestal: Michel Rolland (Le Bon Pasteur, Rolland-Maillet, etc)
Pirouette: Philippe Melka (Hundred Acre, Quintessa, etc.)
Poet’s Leap: Armin Diel (until 2016) (Schlossgut Diel)
Saggi: Ambrogio & Giovanni Folonari (until 2016)

Very interesting Sunny.  That's a rather impressive line-up.  I'm not surprised I liked the Pirouette so much - we had our first Melka wines in Florida earlier this year and they were wonderful.  And given my love of every John Duval wine I've had, I'm gonna have to try to find some Sequel - if we ever get to go to the US again!  (presuming these vinos can't be found here.....)