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Reply to "2002 Aubert Ritchie, 1998 Clos Mogador, 1998 Finca Dofi, 1995 Roda I"

Great notes by whiner. Here are my TNs:

Aubert 2002 Ritchie Chardonnay
Wonderfully balanced and complex - a nice core of fruit, minerals and the backbone of acidity that keeps it all together nicely. 93 points. I don't do CA Chardonnays all that much, but this was worth searching for.

A delicious bottle - it was my wife's favorite wine of the evening. Thanks for bringing it whiner. Smile

Clos Mogador 1998 Priorat
The Mogador was open and decanted for about 30 minutes before we dug into it. A wonderful nose of black fruits, liquified minerals and flowers. Big mid-palate with fine grain tannins. Nice long finish. Delicious now. 93 points.

Alvaro Palacios 1998 Finca Dofi
What can I say, I love this wine. While I buy 3 bottles of Mogador each vintage, I buy 6 bottles of the Finca Dofi. Not much to add here, but these babies can easily age 10 years. I've got some 1996 Dofis and I'll prove it to you if you are still in the area 2 years from now, whiner. Big Grin

95 points.

Roda I 1995 Rioja

Wonderful aromas of ripe black fruits, a bit of leather, and faint cocoa. Well balanced with a great mid-palate and persistence. Delicious - 94 points. Thanks for sharing the wine! Smile

Next time, we shall include a few Ribera del Dueros! Smile