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Reply to "1996 Ducru Beaucaillou"

Originally posted by mareff:
good to know that my 96's will lie dormant for somemore time. Latour, have you tried any from the 80's??? I know that they had that mold problem in the cellars during the mid 80's but are any vintages from then worth pursuing?


I've had more 80's Ducru than from any other decade, and always had a wonderful experience with their wines, and my visits.

Although I didn't buy any Ducru from the following vintages: 1980, 1984, or 1987, the rest of the 1980's were fine. I don't remember any problem with mold in the 1980's, but the mold in their cellars was prolific, with drips of water still seeping down the walls during my last visit in 2000. However, the mold never bothered any wines I tasted during the 70's, 80's, or 90's. Still, I would imagine they have moved their cellar from beneath the Chateau to their new area, which is also underground, but I'm sure its free of mold. (BTW, a trip to the Mouton cellars would also provide a real display of mold)


My last visit was 2000, and I don't remember the little pebbles. Confused I do remember the Palmer rocks quite well, as I almost fell, and they were quite dusty!