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Reply to "1990 Bordeaux Horizontal"

Joe Belmaati

Thank you for those wonderful notes on wines from the 1990 Bordeaux vintage. That was a wonderful opportunity to experience some great wines. I bought several cases on futures, but still have not tasted some of them, and only several of the wines on your list.

First, I was somewhat surprised at the number of "corked bottles" and bottles with premature browning. This has not been my experience with the 1990 vintage! Were these bottles from the members cellars, or acquired individually?

As for the individual wines:

1990 Evangile--Sounds as if it was prematurely aged with that red/brown color. My experience has been a deep rich color, with nothing backward.

1990 Angelus----spot on!

1990 Calon Segur----similar.

1990 Montrose---I bought the 2nd wine La Dame and it is a solid 90 pointer.

1990 Las Cases----agree

1990 Chateau Margaux---You definitely had an off bottle. I've had this several times and there has never been any browning and I've always scored it 97/100 points.

1990 Pichon Lalande----I bought 2 cases, and yes, I thought it was a lot better than Parker!
I agree with your notes.

1990 Mouton Rothschild--- sounds as if you had an exceptional bottle. I'll agree with your 1st thoughts, simple, boring, and uninspired.

1990 Clinet---same opinion. This was a huge bargain on futures. My favorite QPR wine from 1990. I bought several cases only to have Parker raise the score in the 90's sending the cost sky high.

1990 La Conseillante---I like it more than you! I've never experience an "acidic delivery" but more of a creamy delivery 97/99 points.

I have not tasted many of the others listed, and can only envy your opportunity....Again, thanks for the wonderful notes.