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Reply to "1730 PX Sherry"

FWIW, I thought it would be a good idea to have a reference for current pricing of Sherry in Spain. This is all PX and I have added a few Olorosos at the end. These prices (in €) are fom Vila Viniteca in Barcelona. Some of these prices are so good that I actually DO pay 150% in Tenerife, so they may be a little misleading... I have added a * to *** personal rating for reference, where "?" means I haven't tried &/or never heard of it. When there's a vintage date like 1999 or 2000 the product is amber/mahogany and just as unctuous, but has not been subject to the blackening aging process. Some of these young things are delicious.

ALVEAR Pedro Ximenez Solera 1910 0,5 L. M-M *** 45,65
BARBADILLO Pedro Ximenez La Cilla Sherry * 11,87
GARVEY Pedro Ximénez Gran Orden Sherry *** 34,83
GONZALEZ BYASS Noe Sherry *** 27,02
HIDALGO Pedro Ximénez Napoleón Sherry * 9,59
LUSTAU Pedro Ximenez San Emilio Sherry * 11,96
LUSTAU Pedro Ximenez Murillo Sherry ** 30,02
LUSTAU Single Cask Pedro Ximénez Sherry ? 23,89
MAESTRO SIERRA Pedro Ximénez Viejísimo Sherry ** 50,33
ORLEANS BORBON Pedro Ximénez Carla ? ? 9,83
OSBORNE Pedro Ximenez Viejo Sherry *** 95,00
PEREZ BARQUERO Pedro Ximenez M-M ** 8,38
SANCHEZ ROMATE Pedro Ximénez Sherry ? 4,15
SANCHEZ ROMATE Sacristía Pedro Ximénez Sherry ** 22,81
SANCHEZ ROMATE Cardenal Cisneros P.X. Sherry *** 25,95
TORO ALBALA Pedro Ximenez PX Young (1999/2000) M-M ** 8,99
TORO ALBALA Pedro Ximenez PX Young 3/8 M-M ** 5,86
TORO ALBALA Pedro Ximenez (VINTAGE) 1972 M-M *** 14,36
TORO ALBALA Pedro Ximenez (VINTAGE) 1972 3/8 M-M *** 8,99
TORO ALBALA Pedro Ximenez (VINTAGE) 1961 M-M ? 91,65

And here are some very old DRY SHERRIES.

LUSTAU VORS (AGE= 30+) Oloroso 116,90
LUSTAU VOS (AGE= 20+) Amontillado 77,98
GONZALEZ BYASS Oloroso Añada (=VINTAGE) 1964 86,52
GONZALEZ BYASS (Oloroso) Millennium Xerès: this is a blend made with some of the best vintage sherries of the century. 192,17