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Reply to "1730 PX Sherry"

In Málaga:
LOPEZ HERMANOS have two stickies and one dry at the top of the ladder for the appellation. The stickies are one Muscat and one PX, called respectively DON SALVADOR (will check) and DON JUAN. In that high-end bottling there's also a SECO TRASAÑEJO (I think that's its name) which is DRY.
They have also released a new line called RESERVA DE LA FAMILIA tagged at about 12€ that includes another PX (50cl). It's been acclaimed as very good, though it doesn't sell here yet.

In Montilla-Moriles:
Alvear (PX Solera 1910) is fabulous, though +- expensive for 50cl.
Toro Albalá Don PX Gran Reserva 1972/1975 (those ARE vintage stuff) : great, and selling for 14€!!

In Jerez:
González-Byass PX NOÉ (VORS) sells for about 35€ and is so far my best-ever.
Sánchez-Romate PX CARDENAL CISNEROS is just as good, usually cheaper.
DOMECQ VENERABLE is among the top three, in theory better than the previous two. Costs +45€.
OSBORNE has a top line that sells for 90€+ but is said to be mindblowing, called PX RARE SHERRY.

This is all best-selling stuff (for this category, I mean) that you should be able to find. Since you're in continental EU you may want to check
for alternative prices.
Good luck & sweet teeth... [Big Grin]