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Loved it there, and the cathedral truly is stunning, certainly one of my favorites that we saw last year in France/Germany.

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3 X 2017 Maximin Grunhauser Abtsberg Riesling Spatlese 3 X 2017 Markus Huber Obere Steigen Gruner Veltliner 2 X 2016 Domaine de la...

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The Coddling of the American Mind by Greg Lukianoff and Jonathan Haidt. Very interesting read dealing with the issues that the new...

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Bingo PH. Mike keeps pointing out how bitter and mean and ugly everybody else is but fails to see he is exactly what he abhors in others.

Reply by mneeley490

Oh, yeah. Between 11 people, we only went thru about half of it. I cut the remaining portion in half and gave 1 part to my daughter and...

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Last night - penne Bolognese. Tonight - grilled bruschetta and veggie/white bean soup.

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This was my first thought when reading the original post. Something else is happening here. I pay much less attention to notes and...

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Sorry - yes he and Giacomo Conterno (at Aldo Conterno) do not see eye to eye. Galloni gave his wines bad reviews at one point. But not a...

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Abryce, this is the lowest score (by a 10 pt margin) given by any reviewer on Vinous in their entire historical archive of reviews.

Reply by winedrmike

They need to revise the whole scoring system. If a wine with a score of 50 is UNDRINKABLE, why not give it a score of 7, leaving room...

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Hasn't he done this in the past with some of Aldo Conterno's wines? After a spat or something like that?

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Nice to meet Vinelouse and to see familiar faces again. Food and wines were excellent and as always second only to the company. Lineup:...

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Strange. I always thought there would be a far greater chance that I'd see a 150 point score from some reviewer, than a 50 point score.

Reply by purplehaze

I took a moment to read your "contributions' to the site for the past year. One wine related post (September 23 of last year), and...

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Mike Locksley is proving to be quite the enigma as an offense minded coach. As the OC at Bama for just 1yr, he changed their approach to...

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Weekend Summary As for missing my calling, maybe, but beer pays better. This is just for fun as is my Instagram. Just ask W2A for my...

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Happy Birthday to our own Racer117 . I know this is a significant one ending with a "0," but he won't say what the first digit is.

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Grabbed a bottle of the Pierre Paillard to try out. I'm not always a fan of the producer, finding them fairly linear, but 9 years on...

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I don't really follow college football, but I do note that U of Maryland is now 2-0, having scored 79 points in their first game and 63...

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I think Michigan is going to have a rough year once they get into the real schedule. Top 10 team???

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+1. I think you missed your calling, SC. Although beer is a good calling. And how about them Terps? WTF? PH

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You are one bitter old woman. Too much hate in you! Hate now defines this once wonderful site. Reading here used to be a delight.

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Reims, France. They have a stunning cathedral here and.... Champagne! Tasting at Tattinger was very nice and the tasting at Ruinart was...

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Surprised no tweets from the idiot re a Cat 5 and the Bahamas. Maybe it didn't happen. Must have hit Alabama or NapaCat

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I'll try to post some from Kyoto. The only problems are (1) I'm too lame to figure it out and (2) there are just too many damn great...

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Thanks DoubleD & Winetarelli - confirms more or less my thoughts on what to do with the bottle of 2010 Beaucastel VV that I have. I...

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Apart from Beaucastel VV, I’ve had the most luck with drinking within 4-5 years from the vintage. (2-3 years from release.) The...

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Jeebus, wish I could get the ‘08s for anywhere near that price right now!

Reply by doubled

Small sample size. I’ve had excellent experiences with bottles 2-3 years after release and a 15-16 yr bottle that ShaneT brought to an...

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A neighbor of ours had a house on Green Turtle, up near the Bluff House, that was destroyed in the storm. Unfortunately, it was...