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Dry brined a small bone in NY strip yesterday, then cold smoked it with rosemary and wood chips, then sous vide for 1.5 hrs at 130.

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Firestone Walker Feral Brut- One of the most interesting beers I've had in a long time. The label says a "wild ale fermented with...

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Not as often as some . Not at your level yet, but yesterday was my best effort to date. Baked in the Dutch oven and had almost the...

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Peterman is the backup, but really shouldn't be that either. He should be selling programs, but probably would give them to the wrong guy.

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so.......The media spends all week beating the crap out of Beckham because he's right? My opinion only but I really think we need to...

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Re: RIP...
Paul Allen 1953-2018 RIP. GO HAWKS!

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Amtrak train, NYC to DC. Almost missed the train after unavoidable delays disembarking. Was pretty sure we wouldn’t make it, but a New...

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Pan-seared NY Strips with a green peppercorn truffle sauce and sautéed spinach with a 2010 Castiglion del Bosco Brunello di Montalcino

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A Gentleman in Moscow. A good read. (At one point, dinner is served in a hotel in Moscow and they consume a veal dinner and drink a 1921...

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Hi Enigma, as I see that you are new to the forum, welcome. Asking for offers is not how we typically handle transactions like this...

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It would be helpful to know what wineries you represent, and what your relationship with them is. Répondez en anglais, s'il vous plait PH

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What lostverse said. You won’t find many exporters here except a handful of wine producers like Stefania wine. Since I assume you are...

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Beers over the weekend: Lagunitas Brown Shugga Duclaw Sweet Baby Jesus Duclaw Dirty Little Freak Founders Breakfast Stout Founders...

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Don't disagree with this or JBurman, but sports is a funny game where a lot can happen. Ohio State looked pretty crappy this weekend...

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You forgot to mention the assassinating and dismembering of the state's enemies in diplomatic missions, dismembering said enemies, then...

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If Tua is healthy, everyone is playing for the right to lose to Alabama, which really isn't that different from most seasons it seems.

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SC, Im not sure more observation is needed. I just dont think there is a big difference between #2 and #40 this year. Whole bunch of meh...

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You don't have to write it in English, but if you want more than a handful of people to understand, it would certainly help.

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Agree on responses. In the past there would be 30>40 logged on mid day. Currently on 7

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Last Flag Flying I think I'm done with Richard Linklater films. This was like a cross between his Before Sunrise / Before Sunset series...

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2012 Bodegas Marañones, Vinos de Madrid, Peña Caballera Unimpressive. 2015 Michel Gassier, Costières de Nîmes, Nostre Pais Red Better...

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Saw this post while searching for something else. While I suppose state sponsored assassinations are part of the modern world, I'm not...

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The 1982 movie. Yes, the special effects are not quite up to current standards, but the movie does a great build-up, and the tension is ...

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The 14th anniversary of the Montreal group will take place on Friday November 23rd 2018. The theme will be wines from 2004, the year or...

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True but even in their youth, they are quite enjoyable with a good decant. I find the wines made in a traditional style even when making...

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Weekend Summary The first real shake up of the top ten occurred this weekend as #s 2, 6, 7 and 8 all lost. Georgia went into Baton Rouge...