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TN: Bringing Back Bonneau: 01 Celestins
TN: Bringing Back Bonneau: 01 Celestins

After trying the 06 Bonneau Marie Beurrier last week, I was curious to see what the 01 Celestins had to offer. As most know, Bonneau is as difficult a bird to pin down as Rayas so some hunting was in order. Luckily, I found a stash of 01s and 05s so figured I'd dive into it.

I figured a floral arrangement as a background was in order for such an occasion. It was only after snapping the photo that I noticed the heart shape given off by the stemware. And yes, after trying out three different stems, the Zalto was the preferred glass of choice.

At first, I have to admit that I was pessimistic thinking this wine might be a product of hype rather than merit. Decanting is a MUST for this puppy. Tight upon opening giving up little on the nose or palate. Fast forward two hours and OMG!!!!! This wine is the real deal in every way. The nose offers up sweet cherry pie, sweet BBQ sauce and white pepper. The palate sings of deep red fruit, spice and more spice, fresh ground pepper and so so SO much more. It's almost hard to aptly describe the layers in this wine. Bacon fat, fresh pressed olive oil.....I can go on for days as the flavors just change and mutate. This is everything modern CdP's such as Janasse, CsJ and Usseglio are not. Refined, restrained, fat and muscular yet too classy to strut the wifebeater. It's a real life Barbie Doll rolled into Mrs. Cleaver. It's not demanding you to notice it but very humbly allowing you to enjoy it. This is not Rayas as it's a completely different animal all together but achieves the precision of a Rayas. Not overdone, overripe, overoaked, but a perfect balance of each. This is a bottle every classic AND modern day CdP lover should own. While still years from it's peak drinking window, allow it enough air and hopefully you'll be fortunate enough to garner a peak into a crowning achievement in winemaking.
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