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Just received a flyer for the 2011 Kosta Browne wines. How was the vintage in general and is anyone buying??
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In general I think the '11 will be forgotten by the success of '12 and '09. I've read '08 wasn't all that great, but I'm enjoying them more than '07's and the young '09's(I'm hoping the '07's are just takin' a nap). But then again some wineries do well in off years while others fail, even so in great vintages...I would imagine KB to produce consistent quality wine as they always do with whatever nature forces on them. Here's some advice, its a good idea to buy if you're also interested in the single vineyards. If you don't buy the appellations you will not get an offer in the spring/fall.
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I have been buying for three years now - I like the style and the vineyard sources. You should know that it is going to take several years to get a fall offer for the single vineyard wines - I have only been offered the appellation wines so far.
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The appellation waiting list and the single vineyard waiting lists are largely independent of each other. What you buy the year before dictates what your allocation will be the next year. If you indeed received an offer, after years of waiting, I would recommend you buy all of it, if you are ever interested in buying from them again. If you pass it up, then off the list you go......
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